About AliceLit

Hey, Ciao

My name is Alice Stivala, also known as AliceLit. I love aliens and birds and I am a graphic designer.

Alice in a few words:
• Design enthusiast
• Curious
• Willing to learn new things
• Loves working with languages
• Appreciates different cultures
• Unstoppable when in creative mood

Hi, that's me!


Designing stuff

As a student I am still exploring the huge world of design along with its many branches, but my main passion and field of expertise is graphic design.

Some of my main interests:

Graphic design, illustration, digital art, new media in art&design, photography, languages, good food & drinks <3

Trying new things

I often like using the adjective novelty-addicted to describe myself, it suits me as a dominant trait in my personality; whether it’s tasting a new dish or testing a new tool in Photoshop, experiencing new situations is just the best thing for me.

Also due to my past abroad study and work experiences, I love working with languages and in multicultural envirorments. And – of course – meeting new interesting people, listening to amazing stories and making new friends.